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Metalith is an easy-to-use yet powerful metadata editor.

Completely free software for Windows, without any limitations.

The main feature of the software is the ability to simultaneously edit any number of files.

Metalith supports various metadata standards, as well as various file formats.

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Screenshot of Metalith:

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Program Details:

Supports all major standards of metadata: TIFF, Exif, IPTC, XMP etc.
Provides full support of TIFF, JPEG, DNG, and MPO files.
Provides limited support of Sony ARW, Canon CR2, Canon CR3, Nikon NEF, Nikon NRW, Olympus ORF, Pentax PEF, Fujifilm RAF, Panasonic RW2, and Samsung SRW RAW files.
Provides XMP support for RAW files..
Provides reading of data tracks from GPX, KML, KMZ, and NMEA files.
Allows you to read, analyze, modify, delete, and create metadata.
Allows you to compare metadata of two files and copy data of tags from one to another.
Allows you to compare data of two identical tags in one file and sinchronize them.
Writes information about the location taken from the track to a graphic file (Geotagging).
Writes information about shooting conditions taken from a GPX or LOG file to a graphic files.
Displays descriptions of tags.
Displays thumbnails and full-screen images.
Provides processing entire directory trees.
Creates project files, including any number of files and directories.
Allows you to create and use profiles of tags..
Prepares metadata reports.
Prints reports to screen or printed with the ability to preview.
Allows you to view the track and the shooting point in Google Earth and the shooting point in Google Maps.
Allows you to export and import GPS data using KML files. Creates graphs for any tag.
Recognizes thousands of various tags.
Recognizes unknown XMP tags.
Allows you to delete all metadata from a file.
Allows you to replace all metadata from the data of another file.
Allows you to create templates for batch data replacement of several tags at once and save these templates.
Allows you to shift or equalize date and time for all the tags.
Allows you to rename files in accordance with the data of any tag.
Creates new tags and new types of tags.
Allows you to open any number of metadata project files in separate windows.
Tested on the files of thousands of different camera models.
Backs up the original files.
Has a customizable user interface.
Does not require the installation of any third-party programs.
Completely multi-lingual and can be easily extended to include more languages.
Runs in many operating systems: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.


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